A group of people who wish to express their views and receive information about development in Mudford. Members do not have to live in Mudford.

Who are we?

Who can join?

Many villages and communities outside Mudford could be affected by development within the parish. The landscape, traffic and flooding implications could be widespread. We welcome all those from within and outside the parish who wish to be involved in monitoring development proposals.


Get in touch via the contact page.


This group is supported by Mudford Parish Council but composed of volunteers.


Volunteer help is needed in many ways:

      Leaflet and poster distribution

      Knowledge of the planning process

      Electronic media

      Fund raising and fund management


If you can help, let us know via the contact page!

What developments are proposed?

Mudford parish faces a major urban extension of 765 houses plus retail, light industrial, a care home and a school on land surrounding Primrose Lane.


To see documents on the Abbey Manor proposals for Primrose Lane, go to http://www.southsomerset.gov.uk/planningdetails/?id=1402554OUT  


There is also continued pressure to develop around Hales Meadow: see here for planning application 16/03544/OUT http://www.southsomerset.gov.uk/planning-and-building-control/view-a-planning-application-online/?keyword=16%2f03544%2fOUT