Hales Lea Partnership's appeal against the application for change of use of land around Hales Meadow was dismissed - see details here http://www.southsomerset.gov.uk/planningdetails/?id=1401887OUT


Lisa Foster, a solicitor whose area of expertise is Environmental Impact Assessments, has agreed to act for us through the charity Environmental Law Foundation.  More on Lisa Foster here: http://www.richardbuxton.co.uk/about-us/our-team/lisa-foster

More on the Environmental Law Foundation here: http://www.elflaw.org/

Somerset County Council applied for a school on the Primrose Lane site (application no 15/03475/R3C), but in September 2015 SSDC argued that the application needs more work. You can see more information here: http://www.southsomerset.gov.uk/planningdetails/?id=1503475R3C


Our protest based around concenrns Anthrax contamination in the soil of the proposed building in August 2015 was covered on BBC Spotlight, BBC Somerset and ITV

It also appeared in the Western Gazette: http://www.westerngazette.co.uk/Threat-anthrax-near-proposed-new-Yeovil-primary/story-27622466-detail/story.html

Flooding Risk

Abbey Manor put in a full planning application for two "attenuation ponds" (application 15/03942/FUL).

We believe this is inappropriate, given that the major development that requires these ponds has not yet been agreed.

See more details here: http://www.southsomerset.gov.uk/planningdetails/?id=1503942FUL

Fundraising for FOMAG

Milton Jones' show at the Octagon raised £10,400 for Fomag - huge thanks to all who organised and were involved, and especially to Milton himself! But further funds are needed to continue this fight against SSDC (who get to spend our council tax on fighting us. Clever, eh)

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Planning Application - Mudford Parish Council Update


14/02554/OUT  Outline application for development of Sustainable Urban Extension to comprise up to 765 dwellings, 65 bed care home, employment land, retail units, primary school, community building, health care facility, landscaping, open space, and drainage infrastructure, access and associated highway works.


A challenge to the Environmental Impact Assessment associated with the application was submitted by the Parish Council 18 months ago (June 2015.)  A revised impact assessment is due to be submitted by the applicant and the deadline for this had been extended a number of times with the latest deadline being 31 March 2017.


In addition, in August 2016 the Parish Council challenged South Somerset District Council’s decision to apply nil rate CIL to the proposed new development (Community Infrastructure Levy – a charge paid by developers, which is invested in local infrastructure. See below.) Unfortunately, the Government Inspector upheld SSDC’s position but we are now awaiting the revised Environmental Impact Assessment.


At the recent Parish Council meeting it was noted that the Senior Spatial Planner (who had been the SSDC lead officer liaising with the developer) had recently resigned from the Council.  It is possible that this could have an impact on further progress with the application.



Inspector agrees with SSDC's decision NOT to apply a levy on development!


Developers for the Up Mudford site will not be charged a Community Infrastructure Levy, following a report from a government inspector.


The inspector upheld SSDC's decision that charging the levy would make the site economically unviable, if the required 35% affordable housing was included, even though CIL expert Andrew Burrows calculated that the developers would still make £21.4m net profit from the Up Mudford site if a CIL was charged at £40 per sq metre. Read the report here.


The Community Infrastructure Levy allows local authorities to raise essential funds from developers undertaking new building projects in their area. The money is needed for more infrastructure needed as a result of the increased population, such as roads, flood defences, schools, hospitals and social care facilities, green spaces and leisure centres.


Why should the developers make £21m in profits on the development causing millions in infrastructure costs to be borne by the council tax payers of Yeovil? It is astonishing that this decision has been upheld and that SSDC have wavied the levy.

SSDC1.1.17 LQM Report

FULL Anthrax Testing URGENTLY needed!


Mudford PC have commissioned a report from Quality Land Management (LQM) to investigate the proposed anthrax testing procedures by Abbey Manor Group to see if they meet current BS guidelines


LQM are one of the countries leading contamination experts and are headed by Dr Paul Nathanail who is also on DEFRA’a advisory panel.

This report suggests that the UP MUDFORD site be dropped from the local plan ( which is currently under review) due to viability issues.


Please take time to read our solicitors letter to the Council and the report for further details.


As of October 2018, it is as if this report did not exist. This is a major public health issue that South Somerset District Council are determined to ignore. They must be challenged about this.

August 2018

Just when everyone is off on their summer holidays, The Abbey Manor Group decide to seek the views of the local community on their changes to the development plans. How thoughtful of them!


They say they would welcome any comments or questions that you may have. They will be used to help inform any formal changes to the proposals. We need to engage with this process.


Please look at the plans and contact Boyer Planning who are acting on behalf of Abbey Group. You can do that HERE.


So far, the plans are still rather vague and it's not clear from the drawings exactly how 750+ houses will be crammed in. The current drawings all look very green and pleasant, and there's even some kind of amphitheatre planned. You know how everyone in Yeovil has been crying out for an amphitheatre? Me neither.


The plans for any kind of community centre seem to be very sketchy as well. Local residents really need to engage with the process to ensure that anything that is eventually built is not a planning and housing disaster that we regret for in years to come.


At this stage, there is not much point telling the developers that you don't want these houses at all. You need to tell that to the council. Try emailing your councillors or Ric Pallister at Ric.Pallister@SouthSomerset.Gov.Uk


This consultation closes on 3rd August, so as politely but firmly as possible, make your enquiries.


A larger map of the proposed plans can be found here:


masterplan-changes-2018 Colosseum-interior.01

Et tu, Brute?


Oct 2018 Situation Report

The council remain determined to build  houses on the Primrose Lane site that no-one really wants. And they don't much care what anyone else thinks on the matter, despite the illusion of democracy and due process.


They cleverly had a consultation period over the summer so that as few people as possible would be able to engage with it. So far that has been no public consultation done in person. Mudford Parish Council pushing hard to change this.


The latest development are available by clicking HERE. It is a bewildering array of documents run into hundreds of pages that SSDC and the planners know you won't have the time or expertise to read.


We have been through them and here's what has changed as a result of our protests and concerns:


Nothing. (Except now we're getting an amphitheatre too!).


NONE of our concerns have been addressed. So we have to tell them AGAIN what the issues are and show that we're serious. PLEASE email planning.policy@southsomerset.gov.uk

If you want some specifics to email about, go to What Can You Do? for more on the issues.


Serious Anthrax Risk remains

One glaring omission from the documentation is any reassurance that adequate measures are being taking to mitigate the serious risk of Anthrax. Mudford Parish Council commissioned an independent report into the risk of contimination which found that the previous tests - arranged by the developers - were inadequate and not in keeping with current guidelines.


We have written to Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to warn him of the seriousness of the risk. The letter includes the following:


"It is incontrovertible that local residents have long reported a historic risk of Anthrax contamination associated with tannery waste spreading on the site from Yeovil’s historic glove industry... [Mudford Parish Council] strongly urges your intervention since over the past 4 years SSDC have been complacent in failing to require a robust assessment of the current health risk and are complicit in the developer’s intent to develop the land for residential housing without due regard to the risks to human health. They have refused to engage their health officials and have not required the developer to carry out a robust testing regime." (Sept 18)


We have to act now

Please email planning.policy@southsomerset.gov.uk. Ask some difficult questions to the SSDC HERE (click Comment) and register your dissatisfaction at the handling of the anthrax and other matters.


You can also ask why the Community Infrastructure Levy has been waived, which will save the developers millions of pounds. This makes NO SENSE while local councils are running out of money. The new infrastructure for these hundreds of housands will have to be borne by existing Council Tax payers. How is that fair?


You can also demand that a proper public consultation done in person and in public so that people can present their views properly rather than dealing with people hiding behind documents, email addresses and websites.

Bacillus_anthracis_Gram IMG_0734 (1)


The SSDC meeting about the Upper Mudford Primrose Lane application was POSTPONED. Reports were not ready in time.


Angela Cox, Democratic Services Specialist South Somerset District Council (01935) 462148 angela.cox@southsomerset.gov.uk said:

"Because the Upper Mudford, Primrose Lane application (14/02554/OUT) crosses two area boundaries, it will be determined by the Regulation Committee. However, the views of each Area Committee will be sought at two Special Meetings of the Area East and South Committees on WEDNESDAY 3rd JULY starting at 2.00pm in the Council Chamber, Brympton Way, Yeovil."


She also said: "We will commence at 2.00pm with Area East Committee. Area South Committee members are requested to attend this meeting to listen to the Planning Officers presentation, ask questions and listen to the public speakers..."


We will let you know when we get a new date.



South Somerset District Council are saying they are reviewing the South Somerset Local Plan (2006 – 2028) that was adopted in March 2015 - which clearly includes the Primrose Lane proposed development. You have an opportunity to say exactly what you think about the plan!


You can do that that on:

25th July 2019 at The Gateway from 4pm until 7pm.

1st August 2019 at The Council Office, Brympton Way, 4pm until 7pm


There's more information here including other dates and times outside Yeovil: https://www.southsomerset.gov.uk/your-council/your-council-plan-and-strategies/planning-policy/local-plan-review-2016-2036/