FOMAG (Friends of Mudford Action Group) has been formed by the local community who are alarmed by the proposed development of an unsuitable site between Yeovil and Mudford for 765 house and numerous other units.

We are working with local Parish Councils and others, and a legal team, to prevent the building of houses that only South Somerset District Council (SSDC) seems to want. They sadly voted for this development to take place on 29 October 2019. Read more about that here.

It seems clear that this development will place a heavy burden on local services, not least Yeovil Hospital. It will also create even more traffic in an already congested area, especially during rush hour. The potential problems with drainage into Mudford, which already regularly floods, should, by itself, have it removed from the local development plan.

We have been battling this development for many years and will continue to do so but are in need of funds to pay our legal team who are generous with their time but able to work for free. To donate to this vital work, go to MAKE A DONATION.

Please bear with us as this website is being updated with new information, as well as an archive being built up.

Keep up with developments – or hopefully lack of developments – on our Facebook page.

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